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NBA Board of Governors Approves New Orleans Hornets Sale

June 14th, 2012 at 9:10 AM
By Darsh U. Patel

The NBA Board of Governors on Wednesday approved the sale of the New Orleans Hornets franchise to Tom Benson, owner of the New Orleans Saints. 

Although Benson "bought" the team in December of 2010, the 29 Board of Governors had to first approve the deal before it was finalized. The Board of Governors oversees the management of the league and is comprised of a representative from each team. The league, and state and local governments were committed to keeping the team in The Big Easy and hoped to sell to a buyer who keep them so. Tom Benson is certainly that person.

The Hornets recently won the highly-coveted top pick in the 2012 Draft Lottery, which pundits unanimously agree will be Anthony Davis of the national champion Kentucky Wildcats. Conspiracy theorists (including Jim Rome of ESPN fame) had fodder on the NBA forever: the Hornets were recently sold, they were in need of a big name player, and they only had the 4th best chance of getting the top pick. Instead of attributing the victory to pure chance, everyone thought the NBA was back to its shady dealings (see: 1985 Draft Lottery (thank you for that, David Stern. You gave my childhood hope by awarding the Patrick Ewing to the Knicks)). Hopefully this bit of happy news (and the best NBA Finals matchup EVER) will muffle the naysayers.


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