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NHL V. NHLPA Negotiations: a Player’s Perspective

July 11th, 2012 at 9:22 AM
By Matthew Heimlich

Yahoo's hockey blog Puckdaddy recently posted an insightful article written by an anonymous NHL player about his concerns regarding the ongoing CBA negotiations. The players are going to be asked to cut their salaries again by reducing their take of the revenue from their current 57%. The reason for this is that the largest cost, by far, for NHL teams is player salaries and several teams are operating in the red. Additionally, money is being taken from the "wealthier" teams via revenue sharing to offset this loss and attempt to keep all 30 teams financially healthy. Which brings about the question: 

Is it the player's responsibility to ensure that the less financially productive teams are able to get by?

The author believes that the issue is systemic and that simply asking the players to take less in salary is not going to improve the situation long term. He argues that fixes to the current revenue sharing program need to be made to ensure that it is accomplishing its purported goals. Overall, the article shows that at least the author is at least cautiously optimistic about the negotiations, but the players are still (rightfully) wary of the owners' willingness to come off of their positions to strike a bargain.

Now if we can only get an "Owner" to anonymously publish an article in response….

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