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Preview of Joe Posnanski’s Biography of Joe Paterno

August 20th, 2012 at 12:37 PM
By Darsh U. Patel

GQ released an exclusive excerpt from brilliant writer Joe Posnanski's much-anticipated biography of Joe Paterno (see below) and, as anticipated, the excerpt is excellent. Paterno invited Posnanski to State College in Summer 2011 to follow the legendary coach throughout what he expected to be his last season (it was, but for other reasons). Of course, the Penn State scandal broke during last season and Posnanski had insider access to the major players involved in the controversy. If the excerpt is any indication, the book will be a must-read.

The book, simply titled "Paterno," is scheduled to be released tomorrow.

The Secrets and Lies of Joe Paterno, GQ

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