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UPDATE: Chicago White Sox Pitcher, John Danks, Sued by House Guest

September 28th, 2012 at 12:01 PM
By Lee Oliff

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As reported earlier this month (Danks Sued by House Guest), White Sox pitcher, John Danks, was sued for negligence during an event taking place at his residence in 2010. The Chicago Tribune reported (here) Danks has denied negligence in his friend’s injury, stating his acted in good faith reliance throughout the event. Additionally, Danks filed a counter claim against brother, Waylon Pabst, for Blake Pabst’s injuries. Although not reported, Danks can likely claim Waylon Pabst’s intentional misconduct not only caused, but furthered his brother Blake’s injuries. Currently, Danks has alleged that Blake Pabst’s own intoxication at the time contributed to his own negligence and ultimately his injury. 

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