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Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing: the NHL Lockout Continues

October 3rd, 2012 at 2:40 PM
By Matthew Heimlich

Many NHL fans are in the midst of the lockout blues, trying to cope with the recently canceled preseason games and inevitable cancelation of upcoming regular season games, watching their favorite players sign with clubs overseas, and force feeding themselves KHL highlights featuring a bevy of exported (some re-imported) NHL talent to give themselves some kind of a hockey fix. 

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Meanwhile, the NHL and NHLPA continue to agree on nothing in negotiations and Wayne Gretzky's optimism that the NHL season will begin January 1 is beginning to look more and more like the Great One seeing the world through rose colored glasses (he is of course permitted to do this, because he is Wayne Gretzky and we are not).  

The hockey media continues to come up with unrealistically simplistic ways to resolve the lockout (soft cap?  replacement players?) and admonish both the players (here as well) and owners for their uncompromising stances and for perceived flaws or inconsistencies their positions.

While both sides maintain their pre-lockout postures, the economic ramifications of the lockout are starting to become very real.  The NHL has confirmed that as a result of the cancelation of the pre-season games, the league lost approximately $100 million in revenue.   Teams across the league have been letting go of their staff and the NHL cut its staff's salaries by 20%.  Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that if the season were canceled in its entirety, Canada would lose .1% of its GDP, which doesn't sound like much, but when the Bank of Canada is expected to grow at only 2.1% this year, it would be a significant loss. 

It is currently Day 18 of the lockout, and from all outward signs it appears little has changed from Day 1.

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