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Groundhog Day? Talks Between NHL and NHLPA Fall Apart Again, Season in Jeopardy

December 13th, 2012 at 8:45 AM
By Matthew Heimlich

The NHL and NHLPA met with federal mediators again this week and came away with nothing.  The NHL made an offer, and pulled it off of the table when the players tried to counter.  The standoff between the two sides continues, with the NHL claiming that the sides are still very far apart.

Sound familiar?

Everyone seems to agree that the split of hockey related revenue should be 50-50 between the two sides.  The disagreements now extends to who should foot the bill to "make whole" players who lost money as a result of the new deal, and what measures should be implemented to prevent the rash of long-term, back-diving contracts that have been used to lock up star players at affordable cap hits in recent years.  The sides also cannot agree upon how long the proposed CBA should last, with the owners wanting a longer term.  

To someone who has not followed the lockout negotiations so far, it might appear that the issues before the NHL and NHLPA are hardly insurmountable and ripe for resolution.  However, given the nature of prior negotiations, it is nearly impossible to state with any certainty how things will play out from here.

While the atmosphere once again seems bleak for hockey to begin anytime soon, one sports agent in the UK believes that we might see a resolution  in the next week.  So there's that, I guess.

Games through December 31st have previously been canceled.

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