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Betting on This Season’s Super Bowl

September 27th, 2013 at 1:26 PM
By Sports Media 101

The 2013/14 NFL season may have started now, but the Super Bowl is still some way in the distance for both fans and teams. However they don’t call them ‘futures’ bets for nothing, so people are already clamoring to get odds on the teams and deciding who to bet on, both to reach the final and to win the 2014 Super Bowl. There are already several teams ranked amongst the real contenders to win it, but the Broncos are the current hot favourites with the bookies.

They are unlikely to be particularly appealing at 4/1, unless you are a very unadventurous punter, but they could attract more interest at the 9/2 odds available at selected sports betting pages. Other teams that could be of real interest to those who don’t want to bet on one of the favourites, or a rank outsider, could be the likes of the Cincinnati Bengals (20/1), last season’s winners the Baltimore Ravens (39/1) or the New York Giants (50/1). Of course any of these will still be a major risk, especially so early in the season, so you may prefer to hold off on betting just now, when you can play the likes of $5 Million Touchdown instead.

When you consider that this online casino American football slot game has a maximum available jackpot of $5 million, but the NFL themed reel icons (players, footballs, whistles, cheerleaders and goal posts) plus the backdrop of an NFL pitch, will be just as appealing to fans of the sport. Furthermore the touchdown game represents one of the major bonuses of this particular slot. With high quality graphics taking you right into the heart of an NFL game, where your team needs a touchdown to win – and you need a touchdown to scoop a payout. Overall this is possible the best NFL slot game to be found, and with mobile casino apps you can even take it to the game with you on your phone, so Play now!

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